Who We Are



The Ministry, CHRIST THE KING RESCUE GLOBAL MINISTRY , is not a formation but a commission born out of a FREEDOM based mission. The bedrock of this FREEDOM COMMISSION is the TRINITY i.e. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are all involved in this assignment. FREEDOM OUR PROHETIC MANDATE


To raise FREEDOM AGENTS who will proclaim freedom to people and prepare them for the coming of Christ through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We exist as a commission not a formation through a Heavenly-originated revelation to counter any form of bondage through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We are commissioned through divine revelation to counter any form of bondage through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Giving freedom to whoever that comes in contact with our Ministry at all and at any cost in CHRIST JESUS.
By preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world through verbal, print and electronic media.
Redefininng Christianity by changing methods without changing the message by refusing all unbiblical traditions making Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible our sole standard.
Raising FREEDOM AGENTS with unparallel ingenuity in all continents of the world.
Raising heavenly-minded people who are prepared for the second coming of Christ at any moment.


We believe in human Depravity, the necessity of Repentance and Regeneration for salvation.
We believe in the Virgin Birth, Sinless Life, Atoning Death, Resurrection and Ascension, the abiding Intercession of Jesus Christ.
We believe in the Justification and Sanctification of the believers through the finished work of Jesus Christ.
We believe in the Inspiration, Authority, and Infallibility of the Holy Bible.
We believe in the mystery and unity of the Trinity.
We believe in the Baptism by immersion.
We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Sacrament of the Holy Communion.
We believe in the Stewardship of Believers.
We believe in the Eternal Security of Believers in Christ.
We believe in the gift of the Holy Spirit, Fruit of the Spirit and Ministry Gifts.
We believe in Second Coming of Jesus Christ and His Millennia Reign on earth.
We believe in the Government of the Church through the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, Elder, Deacon and Deaconesss.
PREACHING: Getting across the message of the gospel of Christ to unbelievers through formal and informal evangelism.
TEACHING: Educating the believers in Christ on what is expected of them after accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour.
PRAYER: Talking to God on all issues of life through Public and Private Prayers, Sometimes through organized meetings and Revival.
FASTING: Waiting on the Lord by abstaining from food sometimes water for periods dictated by the Holy Spirit and according to individual choice.
GIVING: Mostly sacrificial giving of our Money, Talent, Treasures and Time through orchestrated and sole methods


Prophet Gabriel Onaolapo

He is the founding Pastor/President of this great ministry. He was born in Orisunbare-Irowa in Oke-Igbo, Ondo State in Nigeria to the family of Late Elder Paul Oyawoye and Deaconess Lydia Monisola Onaolapo of Christ Apostolic Church from Ila-Odo, Osun State, Nigeria. The grace of God has been visible upon him right from his childhood as he showed strong love for the Lord, the gospel and any other church related activities. In fact his childhood friends called him Pastor, because he hated sin and kept himself away from youthful temptations such as drinking, smoking, skirt-chasing, gangsterism and other related social vices. Though born by a peasant farmer and a petty trader, and by implication a not too rich family, he showed promising sign of brilliance in his academics, as he was always coming first or second in school. He was also known to like farming, writing and soul winning. He was endowed with sharp prophetic gift as a teenager. It was therefore, not a surprise to see him becoming a full time minister of the gospel after a brief career with Lipakala Farms Ltd in Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria. He answered the call into full time ministry in 1990, got trained and began his ministerial career with Christ Apostolic Church, before God led him to start this ministry on 24th of March 2001. He is a multi-talented and dynamic minister who operates in all the areas of the ministry. He is a Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Pastor, Apostle, Singer, a seasoned administrator as well as a wise counselor. Beside been a career Pastor, he is also an accomplished author and an entrepreneur with interests in farming, real estate, oil and gas. He got married to his heartthrob, an amiable woman of God, Pastor (Mrs.) Florence Taiwo Onaolapo on 1st of March 1997. God blessed the marriage in all ways and they are parents to four covenant children-Winner and Miracle (twin boys), Freedom and Queen (two girls). It's a great pleasure to present this humble, humorous man of God, who is full of chest for living, loving and lovable. Prophet Onaolapo Gabriel usually calls himself a servant of servants, while others call him an apostle of freedom. His primary pursuit in life is to serve God and do His will at all times and in all ways. And to leave a legacy of godliness, honesty, diligence and good name for the coming generations and most importantly to make heaven the ultimate goal of every Christian.


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It is a great privilege to be called into the Christian faith and to become a child of God. It is an added honour for one to be called to a special service or given an assignment in the vineyard of God-being set apart and consecrated as a vessel of honor for the Master's use. Thanks are to God the Father, Jesus Christ my saviour and the Holy Spirit, my senior partner for counting me worthy to be among these highly favoured people. My journey to the present day mission began in 1982, when God showed me as a teenager a deep, frightening and mysterious revelation which I couldn't understand fully as at that time. I saw in that revelation a huge, tall and fierce looking man wearing only a kaki short with bushy hair on his head pursuing me. In that revelation, I ran the best I could to escape from him until I saw a fenced but well lighted camp, which I ran into it and shut the gate. I sat down then after, panting while my pursuer put his finger in his mouth, shaking his head because he couldn’t enter the gate, as at that point, a voice called out at me “go and open that gate”, by the time I looked up I saw this same terrible being chasing a multitude of people, in obedience to the un-seen voice, I ran and opened the gate and people began to run inside the camp. In the process as many as ran into the camp became free from the grips of this wicked fellow. Then the Spirit of God told me that the pursuer that I saw was Satan himself. And that a time will come that he will use me to begin a place where people will be rescued from the menace of Satan. In 1990, I answered the call into the ministry full time. I got trained in the Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Ile-Ife, Osun State, and began ministering in a C.A.C. assembly. I almost never remembered my earlier revelation, not until year 2000 that the Lord told me it was time to begin the assignment he earlier told me about. Being a full blooded, born and bred member of CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH, I had thought that I was only to establish another branch of C.A.C church. Sometimes in March 2001, I began a C.A.C. Rescue Camp Church, but shortly after, different people began to bombard me with the revelations they had about me I also got some personal directions. After a long but painful contemplation which was against my wish, I left the C.A.C fold and changed the name of the church I had earlier formed to be RESCUE GLOBAL MINISTRIES in 2004. As to be expected, this action was not without criticism which resulted in me losing my good standing with some people. But thank God that I objected. I immediately began the processes of registering the RESCUE GOBAL MINISTRIES with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) but due to paucity of fund I couldn't precede with the registration for a period of five years. By 2009 when we went back to complete the registration process, I was told that the name was no longer available as another body from Abia State in Eastern Nigeria has taken the name. So I was asked to submit another name. After much deliberation I settled for a new name which is CHRIST THE KING RESCUE GLOBAL MINISTRY (A.K.A. RESCUE CAMP) the name we now bear. I have, however come to love this name than the one we lost, because CHRIST is the owner, the LORD and the King of this commission. Halleluyah! God has been faithful from conception of this mission to date in all ways. The purchase of this land in January 2001, was another miracle, but not without troubles and tribulations which resulted in my arrest by the police. I was sued to court but God used some numbers of people to help me out of the troubles, and some of those people are now members of this great commission. In pursuit of this vision, members of my family and me alongside those living with us arrived No. 33, Adeniyi Bankole Street Yewande Oke-Aro on the 3rd of March 2001. The day being Saturday, we moved into a house without inner doors, windows, toilet, fence and unplastered floor! In our resolve to make sure that this mandate is fulfilled, the three bed room house we move into became the abode to 14 persons including Prophet Afuye David and Pastor C.S.O Lawal for 11 months. In the house we were sharing the only toilet and bathroom. My wife at this trying period must be commended for her endurance as she had no privacy, no personal room of hers, yet we lived harmoniously before I got some money torent another 2 bedroom apartment for Pastors Afuye and Lawal. We started with 16 members of which 9 were from my own household, today we are in thousands. The word RESCUE is not just an appellation, as several people here and beyond have indeed been rescued from various bondages.


Prophet G.O Onaolapo
Pastor Femi Oyeleke
Pastor Femi Oyeleke
Pastor Chris Oakhena